How much peer support and documentation is available for the card and software drivers. Linux-wireless has 3 pages depending on the device type: These drivers are based on legacy stack and has two main drawbacks:. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: You first need to determine what wireless chipset your card uses. There are also notes regarding limitations.

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Third generation Atheros driver for mobile devices AR Currently does not support injection.

Test your USB device, by setting it to monitor mode airmon-ng aireplay-ng -9 mon0 They are also the cheapest, on eBay, you can get one for about USD shipping included. Cards with Ralink chipsets should not be your first choice. Last edited by lupusarcanus; at There are excellent drivers with high injection aar5007ug for the RT73 chipset.

This section deals with a three related areas:. What is wrong with it? Is My Wireless Card Compatible? The legacy chipsets, namely Intersil Prism 2, Prism 2.


For more information refer to this page. Linux-wireless has 3 pages depending on the ar507ug type: Realtek Realtek peek driver rtlsa The first is the brand of the card itself. There are excellent drivers with high injection rates for the RT73 chipset. See this link link to determine the revision.

How to Hack Wi-Fi: Choosing a Wireless Adapter for Hacking

Atheros and Zydas USB This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found here. Translations of this page: The compatibility section describes the operating systems supported and limitations by chipset.

Only with airodump not airodump-ng and only with a specific firmware. This is the most important company to know. Here is a list of adapters that people have reported as working successfully: Theme images by MichaelJay.

Using windows drivers in linux. The most frequent road ag5007ug you’ll stumble upon is compilation errors with compat-wireless.

compatibility_drivers [Aircrack-ng]

They’re not airxrack your fault. See this thread message comments on this device. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. There are two manufacturers involved with wireless cards.


There are many, many manufacturers beyond the examples give here. Determine the chipset of a wireless card Determine the driver for a wireless card Determine the chipset There are two manufacturers involved with wireless cards.

If you need to reset your password, click here. The madwifi-ng compatability list is an excellent way to determine if a card is compatible with the aircrack-ng suite.


YES driver patching required to view power levels. The firmware is downloaded to the device each time it is initialized by the kernel module and is required for your device to operate. See more recent update info here See this thread for how to do injection.