The had blown ,easy fix i here you say ,well it was for about 2 mins coz then the FET blew!!! Is lower tank freq better for induction heating? Thanks, I am relative newbie on this subject. TY Mads Barnkob i also have the same transformer. Hey Andrea Thank you for the input, would you mind if I added this information to the article itself? I really appreciate your openness and willingness to collaborate here.

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Ok i was wondering is it the amperage or the mosfet that gets you the silent arc?

I installed a 9K potentiometer as R1 and a 10K potentiometer as R2, I adjusted the potentiometers till I had a nice silent thin arc at about 15 mm length. I have built this circuit and once got a good arc but cant seem To repoduce it again. What power supply auduo you use for this circuit? So I saved one of my mosfet, please add a overcurrent protection circuit to the driver circuit.

Posted November 22, edited. Does anyone know any replacements for MKV capacitors?

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

One of the FETs was shorted. Do not use high voltage as a weapon or defense system, unless you buy a certified system.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. November 7, at At mA the voltage drop is at 2,5 VDC.


May 26, at A sudio diode typically goes short circuit when overdriven in the typical reverse bias configuration, but, before going short circuit, its reverse voltage rockets up, until it behaves for a short time as an open circuit. Do you use active cooling for the transformer? Fewer primary turns will give you a bigger output, but also increase primary current and vice versa for more primary turns.

555 Audio modulated flyback

Some times you have to start all over from scratch and rebuild your circuit with all new components, you could be fooled by a defective gate resistor or a small signal diode that has gone high resistance etc. I think the main issue is my capacitor that is too zvss. September 30, at October 8, at The internal short circuit protection seem very helpful, when auido mosfet in the pair got shorted the supply immediately cut modulater the power so the other mosfet will be saved.

December 13, at Personally, I don’t care what it would take, I’m down to solder endless heaps of electronic scrap to make something out of nothing, so put forth anything you think will even mildly help me.

Starting Simple With Homemade Electronics? – Experiments – Science Forums

August 17, at Hi lahor It can properly run down to some kHz, not that I have tested it, but its an assumption based on time needed to modulxted state. I need to relax and think before I speak. Read this document about safety! So then let me run this by you.


Did you also see that he built a working unit from that schematic? When you say the sound input modulates the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity?

Although i did make a flyback designed to resonate at 18KHz once ,No flyback should whine due to its design to operate above the human hearing range.

Thanks, I figured it out in the end and have got it up and running. June 29, at The psu is rated for w but for Chinese one I will just draw w at most. Still, the posts are very quick for beginners. Currently i have 3 of these mosfet but i will buy more soon. It keeps its bright for a moment modu,ated fades out.