Three independent experiments showed similar amounts and localization results. Originally Posted by 63mako. Would never do it again. Send a private message to Thnksdad. As a control, the same amount of cell extract was incubated with Protein A Sepharose alone.

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Inputs and IPs were analyzed by Western blotting with antibodies to the indicated proteins.

PGK1 Antibody (Monoclonal, 22C5D8)

ATE1 by a serial dilution growth assay on either plate containing glucose suppressing or galactose inducing. Error bars represent standard error of the mean s. Once I get it to my garage this spring, I will check numbers and see how close it is to matching numbers and go from there.

It has inserts in now, and I don’t think it sounds that good. The following antibody was used in this experiment: Another couple of track pics that show the wheels a bit more: One experiment used for the quantification is shown in B. Find More Posts by leadfoot4. Also I am going to be selling off spare parts, losted below if interested send me a pm. c


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. The 3-phosphoglycerate kinase PGK was probed as a loading control. And here I am dreaming of a pathetic LS3.

Last edited by Thnksdad; at Find More Posts by Metalhead This experiment was performed twice with similar results. Error bars denote S.

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That’s not tyre smoke! Find More Posts by Duke Tech Support Tech Support. Please contact Technical Support Technical Support with any questions. Last edited by 63mako; at Plates were incubated at indicated d3 for 24 h. It really doesn’t look that tough- exhaust manifold wouldn’t work-AC compressor needs to be moved.

Figure 2 Sac6 phosphorylation regulates actin cable dynamics and is important for normal cell growth.

Figure 3 In vivo characterization of Ssb1Delta shows complementation of pleiotropic ssb1,2 Delta phenotypes. Fractions were analysed via immunoblotting bottom.

Experiment was performed at 37degC.


Total cell lysates from growing and nitrogen starvation conditions were subjected to western blotting. Last edited by MelWff; at Your car definitely did not come with them although the dealer could have installed them when the car was new. PGK was used as loading controls.

ATE1 in different time points following the initiation of galactose-induced expression, as measured by the numbers of colony-forming cells per OD unit CFU that were normalized to starting data point time 0, for Ate1 or vector control separately. Serially diluted yeast cells were tdch onto glucose or galactose medium.

Note the clustering of mutations around the th residue of SidJ.

B Growth of wild-type, lpl1Deltahac1Deltaand hac1Deltalpl1Delta strains expressing an empty vector and hac1Deltalpl1Delta expressing LPL1 in the presence or absence of canavanine 1.