And when playing the movie the audio from the MP3 file was correctly mixed together with the audio from the movie without any problems. Downloaded it from http: Still not audio problems. Maybe need to restart MediaMonkey. The same latency and scratching.. Normally a small sticker near to your keyboard will show what type of graphics you have.

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This was however not the direct source of the spikes just a general bad apple in the system I couldn’t get the WebCam software to work even after installing the updated driver. I installed this XP SP2 in all the time and installed the latest drivers from dell.

DELL Latitude E Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

SYS, but this is under “computer” in the device manager and therefore cannot be disabled. I did – no visible, pardon audiable effects, Any other ideas? The latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver! So this blog is my way of giving back to the community and if Audi save just one admin an extra Tums or Rolaids then I’m good with that. Talking to Dell support, reinstalling OS to xp, vita, Win7 with the same scratchy issue. I saw on another forum suggestion to use microsoft generic driver, but still no luck.


e6500 crackling audio

I got a few latency windlws of microsecs but I couldn’t notice any audio problems. Normally you will need to install Ethernet, card reader and webcam drivers in compatibility mode.

You will notice the boot time difference in windows 7. Download Windows XP bit: Theese sound glitches are a real disappointment from Dell.

Your advice was helpfull. I got recommended this Vista Anti-Lag software http: Dell is going to send me another DVD drive to see if it helps.

Didn’t have to do anything after 8. The following solved the latitide for me: Either way, I’m calling Dell first thing Monday morning with this updated info. Check what the other drivers is missing, after that install windows 7 drivers in windows 8 using compatibility mode.

Just for background, before getting the right solution, I also experienced that physically removing my DVD-RW drive solved the problem. Newer Post Older Post Home. Thanks so much for figuring this out!


DELL Latitude E6400 Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates

But after the turn All in all, the E is a very nice looking, powerful laptop but I’ve never had so many problems. Now I’ve found out that “HD sound” is a total crap same problems with quality Dell give me a shit Of course, if you do that you’ve got to vell reload your Operating system. It means you are installing Intel driver by using incompatible operating system, example installing windows XP driver in windows 7. For the lat 4 years I’ve had 2 HPs: But where was I Especially auvio it’s assembled in Poland: Thanks for dropping by.

I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter.

It’s too bad, because I like many of the features in Vista, but. Nice greetings as well.