Works perfectly as well. I have one here standing unused, so I had hoped to save some coins. I just crapped my pants. I found out that the Diamond sound card wasn’t needed because of that. This engine seems to have the most presence. Based on the description and the demos, the Rhodes is highly detailed and a leap forward from MrRay73 Mark II, not to mention more realistic than anything I’ve heard from the latest versions of Lounge Lizard and Pianoteq, which still don’t sound convincing to me.

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I would definitely feel restricted playing a whole gig on a “piano” that didn’t go beyond I found out that the Diamond sound card wasn’t needed because of that. Maybe I should have made a new posting, but here goes.

I wonder if this has to do with the fact that the DMC comes with it’s “own” built-in Engine the stripped down version of the VB3v2. If you will noticeTony sticks to just 3 or 4 diaomnd classic sounds, which is what I intend to do. Works perfectly as well. They already have everything developed, so the product is basically ready.

Will the modified TP-8O be showing up in everyone else’s products as well?

Diamond Xtreme Sound PCI (XS51) Sound Card

How do the two DSPs work? I tried using the HX3 module this way and it worked out pretty well. Dave Weiser – http: I would wish for a little bit more bark to the Wurlitzer, some more mellow distortion, and we are almost home.


Well I have just uploaded the mp3 file Thanks for taking the time! The Rotary effect in the Gemini is really good, especially after tweaking it to your liking, and not having to haul the is very nice.

I can see this one getting a lot of use. The DMC has a dozen or so tone generators based on organs from different decades.

XS71 – DIAMOND XtremeSound PCI Channels 16 bit Sound Card

Thanks to all three. The Gemini’s VB3 controls other than the keybed all respond only on the upper channel. The most noticeable plus was the quality of sound it produced as sites played songs or voice on the internet. So for instance I could have say, Piano on top, a Pad on bottom and then layer ztreme some organ on dound as well. LX, You can’t split the keyboards with the internal Gemini module.

That’s because, other than the aftertouch strip, it is the same action and is perfectly fine and is what everyone else uses. Also functioning with sequencer host would be good to compare.

DIAMOND XtremeSound 5.1/16 bit Sound Card (XS51)

Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade eiamond was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. The more I read about this the more I want one. A couple questions I have So I run mine in the middle position and I’ve started using it for gigs again.


You guys that own the Mojo, have you had success with the Mojo transmitting midi or sysex for the draw bars and buttons and switches, keyboard etc. This is probably the best example that I have seen about how the Mojo really sounds.

Diamond XS71 Sound Card | eBay

Forgot to mention that in the control diamon the level meter bounces when I make noise still. Shouldn’t really be a factor once the key is all the way down? Thanks for the feedback, guys. You can have one sound on top and one on bottom.

Purchased a Diamond Extreme 7. Can’t find the Gemini module or rack versions in the store.

It is nice to see all the editability.