Specifications from the product press release. Passively Cooled and Overclocked. More than half of the packaging is for accessories, none of which require the extra space. Video cards are one of the toughest components to cool in a PC. Especially when the conclusion is, buy another model green card. Asus has not been shy to experiment with video card coolers; they are one of the few companies who routinely push the reference cooler aside. Graphics Cards Viewing page 1 of 7 pages.

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En6900gt also has a card where the fan only spins when the card needs it. Passively Cooled and Overclocked Page 2: Specifications from the product press release. Not seen this mentioned anywhere.

Four GeForce 9600 GT Cards Compared

Submitted by Mike Chin on Mon, In the highly competitive market that is the GT, we will today see if ASUS are able to do anything that helps them stand out from the pack and if it’s a card worth looking at. SPCR silent/htdj/512m optimized for viewing at x screen size. You’d think we would have looked at all GT cards on the market, but I can guarantee there are more out there.


Asus Software Page 5: We hope Asus isn’t overcompensating for something. The number of different names is laughable. Who is interested in the Green cards anymore? Mass Effect Page Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments.


Overall Performance Comparison Page Subscribe to our Newsletter. Gigabyte Doubles Up Copper in Mobos. With lower power demands, silent/utdi/512m is becoming easier and lower speed fans can be employed. Also, has anyone ever done an analysis of exactly what Crysis is doing? Sulent/htdi/512m other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

If you are installing the Asus Silent, you should put it in an area with good air flow; the big passive cooler does not protect the graphics chip from overheating.

ASUS GT Silent Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Asus’ latest card, the ENGT Silent edition, is their most powerful, fanless graphics card to date. Video cards are one of the toughest components to cool in a PC. The box could easily have been half the size. Seriously is this site sponsered by Nvidia?


Asus GeForce GT: The particular one we’re looking at today comes from ASUS and carries with it a silent cooler. Why don’t we have any ATI ?

Episode 2 Page Comments in forums are property of their posters. But over the past year or so, efficiency has been improving at an even faster rate. You can find products similar to this one for sale below.

Sparkle Control Page No way to tell. Re other cards like the GTX The card comes with a handful of tools like SmartDoctor, which you can use to manipulate speeds and the GamerOSD for recording and transfering game videos.

They also offer a large variety of passively cooled cards.