Hope you score it! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I am hoping someone might know some info just from the description. I guess the idea being it would be much easier to stack and move and set up the heads? That is how I would describe a sound of a guitar running through it. I’m just very curious about this amp.

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May 17, There gbxx no mention of any actual model name. Guy Beresford got involved in Thanks as always Ken. Ahed was a Canadian company owned by Phil G. Anderson [1] that produced guitar amplifiersas well as guitars. Baes series were known as the ‘Bass Bug’ with a single 15 inch speaker. Not sure if I would part with them. He told me he hasn’t been able to play in some time due to arthritis, but the guitarist in his church band, which by the way was where I picked it up, said he thought the pots needed cleaning and it should be ok.

But say’s it worked good the last time it was used.


And the heads are pretty much the ugliest thing I bqss ever seen. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. A usable tone was nowhere to be found.

DearinsmJan 13, This wiki features educational resources for Indigenous Aboriginal educationfield trips for educatorsDavids Music Jamlaw and justice educationmusic education and outdoor, environmental and experiential education. I only have two twenty foot cables and realized one has a problem last night.

Ahed – Wikipedia

Basss speakers were best known for their use in Marshall 4 X 12 watt cabinets. Just “GBX by Ahed”. I did find ONE review on harmony central though. GBX were popular here in southern Ontario, largely because they weren’t Traynor – by the early 70’s, Traynor had pretty much saturated the market here. And their bass amps had the letter B in theirs.

No, create an account now. There were also some improvements made to the amplifiers notably the reduction of the operating hum.

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I’ll be meeting him to pick it up tomorrow night after work and I’ll try to post some pics over the weekend. The equipment that takes over when other amps quit. And its possible that the cab may be full of greenback speakers! It had two equal impedance inputs and produced 30 watts to power an external speaker cabinet.


Apr 15, Found out it was related to the cord between the head and cabinet. Just makes a static noise whether the head is plugged into it or running through the crate and makes the crate buzz n hum. One for guitar one for bass.

Gonna be picking it up after work. Yes, my password is: For what I’m paying for it, it’ll be worth it for parts even if it’s has some things wrong with.

GBX amps made in Canada

I’m not sure if it’s solid state or tube type. See “How are you mixing your keyboards? The standard cab was 4×10” speakers with an watt solid-state power amp mounted in the back.