Installed on 93 days ago InstallationMedia: I’m at a loss here. I tried your workaround from post 37 of https: Status changed to Confirmed. Workaround with setting up of the speed to is working for me too.

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Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested.

Ubuntu Manpage: jme — JMicron Gigabit/Fast Ethernet driver

You may want Guo-Fu to clarify what that means ex. This bug affects 2 people. Laptop has the same ethernet controller. The jme driver supports the following media options: It first appeared in FreeBSD 7. When using a managed switch Zyxel GS, enabling the EEE at the switch port will prevent connection and the PC indicates that the ethernet cable is disconnected.

January 9th, 4. I ran sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed duplex full and the link came up. Driuchatyi Nikolay, it will help immensely if you filed a new report via a terminal: Yes, “sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed duplex full” solved the problem. Installed on 93 days ago InstallationMedia: Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. Installed on 2 days ago InstallationMedia: This might be a driver’s problem.


Download JMicron JMC/JMC PCI-E LAN Driver for Linux for Linux

Could you please test the latest upstream kernel available from the very top line at the top of the page the release names are irrelevant for testing, and please do not test the daily folder following https: This could have something to do with Energy Efficient Ethernet Once testing of the latest upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report’s Status as Confirmed.

Tags for this Thread gigabitjmc Status changed to Confirmed 2. The fact that the drivers are totally broken deserves a different bug–they were working for a brief while until The following allows Mbps speed: See full activity log.

Join Date Jan Beans 5. Use the lower nibble of the chip revision number to get the full mask revision of the controller. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. For more on lonux, please read the official Ubuntu documentation: I tried several driver version, but none of them worked. Here’s the relevant lshw -c if you’re still interested, run after the above fix: Anyone got any idea how to solve this?


jmicron jmc250 gigabit card not detected

So this chip will have a connection issue while connecting to all the IEEE Please provide a direct URL to your e-mail to the mailing list once you have made it so that it may be tracked via http: Connecting it to a mbit network works out off the box.

January 9th, 3. linhx

It is highly recommended not to reprogram the station address and it is the responsibility of the administrator to store the original station address in a safe place when station address is changed. JME offers an updated driver version 1.

I found that it’s jmc2500 bug of the JMC kernel module.