If I pushed the speaker the audience may complain. When it’s a larger gig and I need to put the drums and more keyboards and guitar throught he system, I bring out my subs. What happened after that I’ve read about quality issues. Help FAQs Go to top. Thanks for the replies. I think mine were RCF’s with a Mackie badge as it was just at the time they took over. What do you think?

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If so what current brand is the Mackie of past?

I replaced one and they sounded great! The DXR tops are awesome. Travis Grace Newbie Offline Posts: I also heard a while ago that Mackie was having problems with their Chinese suppliers, and due to this parts might be scarce.

Gamma Productions Live Sound and Lighting www. Seems like I’m back at square one with choosing a pair of powered boxes but I guess it’s better to do more research now than dish out a grand on on stuff that really isn’t all its cracked up to be. And I have a LOT of other gear and therefore a basis for comparison. I currently own a 2 pairs of the OG sr towers, 1 pair of SWA subs, 1 pair of srs subs, a pair of Thunps yuck, I know and a pair of the Mackie Fussion subs There’s another speaker that just entered my radar too even more than the QSC’s I would take a hard look at Not worth it if you ask me.


I think it was fairly common – especially when they were pushed Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

As for the new ‘s?? I went to Skip’s in Sac to do a side by side and gcf don’t even carry Mackie anymore. Thanks for everyone’s feedback!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? I have seen my friend’s brand new Black V2 fry after 2 songs.

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I like the eons bc they are lightweight and sound good, but I have heard good things about the mackies. The Mackie SRM’s are, well, I mackke, the best plastic boxes you can buy, and certainly great ‘bang for the buck’. They aren’t sdm450 speakers but you could do a whole lot worse. Therefore – V3 might be a steal. I use 4 SRM’s for floor monitors They have never overheated on me I promise I’ll post when it happensthey sound decent, and get loud enough for bar bands to get complaints during sound check before mains have been turned on.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

RCF arta VS Mackie SRM | Harmony Central

I thing this speakers are wonderfull. If you have the money spring for KV2 Ex 10 or 12s. DJ Dub Cowboy 3: I plan on using all six and a couple subs for a high school gig in March.


Posted Thu 27 Oct 11 I am definitely going to run a sub but I will get one later since I am just doing small family parties for right now. Write a customer review. When it’s a larger gig and I need to put the drums and more srm4550 and guitar throught he system, I bring out my subs. Only 19 left in stock – order soon. I think some of their smaller mixers are still ok; I have one of these guys for some shows that I do with a 3-piece band and it has help up pretty well so far: I wouldn’t call the sound I’ve heard from any plastic-box speaker “good”.

I love them but if I were buying in crf market, I’d be torn between them and RCF’s not because of sound quality, but rather because of the better mixer section on the QSC’s, full face grille, and the warranty. All other coverage begins after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.